Hooks for buckets and containers

A hook can lift just about anything that has a handle, a strap or an eyebolt. A simple hook can solve many common lifting problems and make material handling faster and more painless for the user.

Here are a few examples of the many hook grippers that we have manufactured through the years.

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Lifting containers has never been easier with specially-designed hooks by Lifts All! Just place ...

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The bucket gripper can lift buckets as well as other objects with handles, up to a maximum ...

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Why lift one at a time when you can lift five at a time? Lifting and moving hundreds of ...

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Our hook-based solutions consist of a lifting tool with a hook that is connected to an air-pressure hoist. The hook itself is either a safety hook, a snap hook or a carabiner. These are safer alternatives that hold loads securely without risking a fall. With a hook gripper you can easily lift pails, buckets, bags, or any type of container with a handle. It is the most common choice in industries that handle grain, liquids or chemicals.

Our hook grippers are very easy to use. Anybody, regardless of physical strength, can learn to use our hook grippers. The lifting tool carries the weight of the load while you take care of steering it with the help of a simple control device. Since you don’t carry the weight of the load anymore, your body is no longer under strain. And just like that, suddenly, anyone can do the job of material handling. This means other colleagues can now help with the workflow. Your workplace will experience a positive change, becoming a place of inclusivity, with less wear-and-tear injuries, and fewer sick-leave absentees.