Ventilation industry

Lifting tools for the ventilation industry

Lifts All has designed and manufactured many lifting tools for the ventilation industry. Some of these include tools for lifting electric motors into ventilation cabinets, and for moving sheet metal during the assembly process. We have also designed grippers that are specifically made to lift vents, fans, filters and ventilation units. Unlike electrical lifting tools that move more statically due to the need for buttons to control the unit’s movements, we utilise compressed air in our lifting tools so all manoeuvres (up, down and sideways) are dynamic and smooth. This ergonomic way of working also means that the product can be placed with greater precision. With a lifting tool from Lifts All, awkward placements in cupboards or on high shelves are no longer an issue.

Here are examples of lifting tools we have produced for the ventilation industry. If none of these suit your requirements, we can customise a lifting tool just for your needs: