ProWood 100

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General Data

Maximum capacity: 100 kg/ 220 lbs

Controls: proportional speed control (PSH)

Weight: 54 kg/ 119 lbs

Height: 995 mm/ 3′ 3 11⁄64"

Vacuum suction cups: adjustable 660-1640 mm on the X axis, 645-1045 mm on the Y axis

Article number: 92-10016

Brochure: Lifting boards and steel sheets (pdf). 

ProWood 100 (PW100) can easily lift and tilt all sorts of sheets, panes and panels up to 100 kg. Instead of handling heavy and unwieldy boards manually– or even using a forklift- ProWood does the job effortlessly. The adjustable lengths and widths between the vacuum cups, the low-built construction, and the ergonomic design, are features that makes ProWood suitable for most industries. It is especially popular amongst door and kitchen manufacturers.

Smooth and safe lifting

A green eye indicates when the right vacuum level has been reached and when it is safe to lift. During lifting, the load guard function protects the board from being accidentally released. Proportional control makes it easy to place the board very carefully without being damaged. If the board is to be mounted it can be weightlessly maneuvered directly with the hands, without using the control unit.

Lifts all kind of boards, with or without tilt function

ProWood lifts all kinds of dense sheets, heavy panels, metal or glass sheets, plywood, and wood boards. Besides PW60, there are three other ProWood-models, depending on the size and weight of the board: PW100, PW120 and PW200. All the ProWoods have vacuum cups that are adjustable in length and width. The adjustments are easily made by the user, without using any tools. The ProWood can be ordered with or without a tilt function.