Wood and furniture

I need to lift wood and furniture

Do you need to lift wooden products and furniture? Lifting wood is often heavy and cumbersome work. We have lifting tools that make this job smooth and easy to do. We offer both vacuum and mechanical lifting tools that take on the weight of the load, aid in good ergonomic work-postures, and make work more efficient.

We have a vast range of lifting tools just for lifting wooden products. Our board gripper can handle all sorts of flat wood-based loads, such as doors, plywood, wooden boards, gables, roofs and panels. We even have vacuum and mechanical lifting tools for beams, wooden frames, boxes, crates, cupboards and other furniture. Because we use pneumatic techniques, not only can the load be lifted, it can also be rotated and stacked, as if it was weightless! The operator has full control over the gripper, and works in an ergonomically-optimal position, avoiding any physical strain.

A selection of our wood and furniture grippers are presented below: