Lifting Tool for Metal Covers 89-12348

Lifting Tool for Metal Covers 89-12348

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General Data

Maximum load: 15 kg/ 33 lbs

Control: balancing

Weight: -

Media: 6-7 bar/ 90-100 psi

Article number: 89-12348

Serial number: A7170

Lifts All’s lifting tool for metal covers is used in industries that manufacture heat pumps. The lifting solution is a vacuum gripper, which means that it utilizes the pressure in vacuum cups to grip the load. Powered by a pneumatic cylinder, the vacuum gripper ensures a weightless lifting experience.

How does it work?

This lifting tool is equipped with a balancing control unit, ideal for efficiently lifting numerous objects of identical weight. The operator aligns the vacuum cups with the metal cover and activates the ‘grip’-button. The suction cups securely grasp the sheet, enabling the operator to effortlessly raise and lower it. The vertical lift, guided by the centered center of gravity over the sheet, maintains stability even in mid-air. Placing the hefty metal sheet precisely where needed becomes a seamless and easy process.

What can it lift?

Capable of handling all compact, smooth, airtight materials up to 15 kg, this metal cover lifting tool lifts with ease. Whether it’s aluminum boxes, metal sheets, or plexiglass cubes, the vacuum cups delicately secure the load, preventing any scratches or marks.

Adjustable gripper

The lifting tool for metal covers is an example of one of Lifts All’s customized lifting aids. If you have boxes or covers of varying sizes or weights, we offer the flexibility to redesign and customize the tool to meet your specific load and handling requirements.