Gripper for wood veneers 89-11927

Lifting tool for laminate and wood veneer reels and rolls

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General Data

Maximum capacity: 38 kg/ 84 lbs

Control system: proportional speed control (PSH)

Weight: 31 kg/ 68 lbs

Media: 6-7 bar/ 90-100 psi

Article no: 89-11927

Serial no: 6081

Our gripper for wood veneers and laminate is customized for furniture manufacturing companies. The veneers are delivered rolled up in big reels. These reels are stacked on a pallet from where the operator picks them up, turns them vertically and places them onto spools in a machine. As the reels are so heavy (up to 38 kg) this is a demanding job to do manually. The turning movement is also taxing for the operator´s wrists, hands and fingers.

Gripper for wood veneers- this is how it works

By using our gripper for wood veneers, the operator does not need to lift the reels by hand. Instead, the lifting tool does the carrying. By using a clamping function, the grippers arms close tightly around the reel. If the operator does not grip the the reel exaclty in the middle, the lifting tool will automatically slide into the correct position. The rolls can then be lifted, moved around and placed where desired. The gripper can also tilt the rolls from a horizontal to a vertical position, or vice versa, without straining any wrists.

Lifting different types of rolls

This gripper can be used to lift many types of round objects including rolls, spools, reels and cylinders. This is because we design the gripper according to the diameter and weight of your rolls, it suits them perfectly. By avoiding manual lifting, you maintain ergonomics and avoid sick leave in the workplace. Read more about lifting tools for rolls here.