Manhattan Combi-Gripper for Rotors 89-12106

Manhattan Combi-Gripper for Rotors 89-12106

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General Data

Maximum capacity: 140 kg/ 309 lbs

Control system: proportional speed control (PSH)

Weight: 100 kg/ 220 lbs

Media: 6-7 bar/ 90-100 psi

Article no: 89-12106

Serial no: A6706

This lifting tool is a Manhattan Combi-Gripper for rotors. It is a custom designed lifting tool that lifts both mechanically and by vacuum power. The mechanical gripper is designed for lifting rotors that weigh up to 140 kg. This is a combined lifting tool and has interchangeable applications. When you want to lift flat surfaces i.e., metal sheets, use the vacuum application instead. This Manhattan Combi-Gripper has an Equalizer, which makes it possible to lift the load while maintiaining milimeter-precision in balance. Having a balanced load is essential to steering the machine and the load in confined spaces. The maximum lifting capacity for this lifting tool is 140 kg with the mechanical application, and 50 kg with the vacuum application.

Manhattan Combi-Gripper for rotors – How does it work?

This is a combined lifting tool with interchangeable applications that you can use for different types of loads. You use the mechanical gripper for lifting the rotors. Insert the prongs on the application underneath the cover of the rotor to lift it. When the load is in the air, the Equalizer detects the weight of the load and electronically balances it out, causing the load to straighten up. The operator can then move the load stedily and safely. To lift metal sheets or other flat air-tight materials, just switch to the vacuum application and position the suction cups on the load. The operator can  then easily move the metal sheets or load without having to do any heavy lifting.

Customized with the Equalizer

It is possible to install the Equalizer on all of our lifting tools. It controls the movement of the elements in the pneumatic hoist. The Equalizer makes it easier to lift similar loads of different weights, and to steer the load with exact precision because it offers continuous balancing of the load in the air, straightening the load as it lifts. Regardless of the load weigh, the Equalizer makes the lifting experience feel secure.