Sausage Skin Gripper 89-12142

Sausage Skin Gripper 89-12142

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General Data

Maximum capacity : 50 kg/ 110 lbs

Controls: proportional speed control (PSH)

Weight: 30,8 kg/ 68 lbs

Media: 6-7 bar/ 90-100 psi

Article number: 89-12142

Serial number: A6771

This is our sausage skin gripper that is customised to lift rolls of sausage skin for charcuteries. It is a mechanical lift that moves the load safely and smoothly. It can also tilt the load 90° during the lift. This means that the operator can lift a vertically stacked roll from a pallet and place it onto the machine in a horizontal position. The maximum lifting capacity for this gripper is 50 kg. This lifting solution has a handlebar that balances itself, making it ergonomically easier for the operator to use. It also helps to balance the tool itself, so it doesn’t sag when the handle moves up or down.

Sausage Skin Gripper – how does it work?

Lifts All’s sausage skin gripper is a mechanical gripper that expands in the core of the roll to grip it. Once it has gripped the load, it can be moved along the overhead crane system to where you want. You can also tilt the load during the lift, depending on whether you want to place the load vertically or horizontally. When you have placed the load where you want it to be, you press the ‘release’ button on the gripper and the gripper will disengage from the load.

Customised gripper

We adapt our lifting solutions based on what you need to lift. The gripper can be adapted to lift different sizes of rolls or change the maximum lifting capacity. It can also be adapted  to lift other type of loads of different materials if desired, or even customize it for other types of food packaging. We make lifting solutions that are optimal for what you need to lift in your working environment.