Distribution centers and warehouses

Lifting tools for distribution centers and warehouses

Distribution centers and warehouses are experiencing greater demand and pressure because of the increase in e-commerce. In these warehouses, work is continuous throughout the day. Orders are packed and picked up at different stations, and then loaded onto trucks. In the package-sorting area, containers and trucks are unloaded and the packages are sorted into different carts and pallets. Most of this heavy, package-lifting work is carried out manually, and in uncomfortable working positions. All of these small, repetitive lifting movements contribute toward injuries, even over-straining injuries, at the workplace.

Smart lifting solutions for distribution centers and warehouses

Lifts All has decades of experience in producing lifting aids specifically designed to handle packages, cartons and bags in warehouses and distribution centers. Our most popular lifting tool is the Basic, a multifunctional lifting tool that lifts goods and products ergonomically and weightlessly.

We also produce lifting tools that can lift and place packages, carton boxes and other goods on higher shelves in warehouses, and lifting tools customized for our customers’ needs. Combined with our mobile jib cranes, these lifting tools make working with material handling light as a feather.

A selection of our lifting tools for warehouses and distribution centers can be found below. If you would like to know how we can customize a lifting tool just for your needs, do not hesitate to contact us.