Combi-gripper for barrels and containers 89-11989

Combi-gripper for barrels and containers 89-11989

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General Data

Maximum capacity: 200 kg/ 441 lbs

Controls: proportional speed control (PSH)

Weight: 28 kg/ 62 lbs

Media: 6-7 bar/ 90-100 psi

Article no: 89-11989

Serial no: A6567

Our combi-gripper for barrels and containers can lift very heavy vessels with the push of a button. The combi-gripper can both lift with a mechanical grip, and with a hook. Therefore, you can use the same gripper for many different products.  The lifting tool has a capacity of 200 kilo. This means that barrels that used to be impossible to lift, now can be lifted by a single person.

Lifting barrels

Lifts All developed a “scissor function” for this lifting tool, meaning that the tool not only lifts by its´cylinder, but by its´weight. The heavier the load, the stronger the grip. The scissor function enables the gripper to get a steady hold even on very heavy barrels, without grippable ledges around the lid.

Lifting containers

With the lifting tool´s hook, it is also possible to lift buckets or containers. A smooth lifting solution for all containers with a handle. When you no longer need the hook, it is easy to fold in. It is secured into place by an adjustment bolt, ready to unfold when needed.

Lifting tool for different indsutries

This gripper is developed for the pharmaceutical industry. It can also well be utilized in, for example, the beverage industry or in other other industries that handles large vessels with dry or liquid substances.