Vacuum lift with hook – Basic

Vacuum lifter Basic - with hook for baggage

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General Data

Lifting height: 1,5 m

Maximum capacity kg: 35/ 50

Maximum capacity lbs: 77/ 110

Rotation of load: Endless

Noise level soft bags: 66 dB

Noise level hard bags: 0 dB

Article no (max 35 kg): 93-10034 (vertical), 93-10035 (horizontal)

Article no (max 50 kg): 93-10003 (vertical), 93-10032 (horizontal)

Brochure: Baggage handling made easy

Our vacuum lift Basic is a smooth vacuum lift with a hook that can be used for lifting baggage quickly. It is commonly used at smaller airports were the operators lift from open trolleys to conveyor belts. It is easily integrated in a traverse or with our jib crane FlexiCrane. You can easily move the load up and down by pressing two buttons and if necessary, you can release the load in the air when you want. Another great feature with the lifting aid is its rotating swivel which enables you to turn the baggage 360 degrees non-stop.

Easy baggage lifting

Our vacuum lifter with hook is very easy to learn. The control is intuitive and easy to manage. To lift hard baggage, you just place the vacuum head on the bag. It automatically latches on and is ready to lift. If you need to lift soft baggage, you just flip down the complementing hook attached to the lifting tool and the tool is ready to lift. Basic can lift all kinds of bags – hard, soft, suitcases, duffel bags and more. The handle is specially designed to suit both left and right-handed users, no matter the size of their hands. No modifications are needed to switch from right hand to left hand.

Another great thing about our baggage lift is its automatic parking feature. The user simply sets the desired parking height and the Basic places itself there automatically when idle. 

Energy saving luggage lift

The Basic is pneumatically driven and only consumes a small percent of the energy that traditional vacuum lifters need. This results in a positive effect on energy consumption as well as the environment. It also makes the Basic very quiet compared to traditional vacuum lifters.

Safety first

The Basic is a safe lifting tool. It will not lift if the vacuum level is below 40%, and will not release a suspended bag until the user pushes the release button.


Basic is a great vacuum lifter for loading and unloading carts. It works well in low headroom areas and it is both intuitive and silent.