I need to lift rolls more ergonomically

Lifts All has manufactured hundreds of roll lifts for all sorts of materials, helping many companies in their daily handling of rolls and lifting them from, for example, pallet to machine. We have helped our customers lift wooden and other types of reels, as well as rolls of steel, thread, cloth, plastic and paper in different sizes and weights. Depending on how the rolls are to be picked up and placed, and the type of load, the gripper can grip the load either from the centre of the roll (in the core) or from the outsides. You can also choose to rotate or tilt the rolls. Before, operators had to lift the heavy rolls either manually or by using an electric hoist or a floor-mounted crane that was bulky and slow. But now, with Lifts All’s grippers and our unique compressed-air hoist, the Bal-Trol, lifting heavy rolls is easy, fast, and safe.

Here are a few of our most popular grippers! More examples can be found in our brochure Lifting Rolls 2023 (pdf).