Barrels and drums

I need to lift barrels and drums

Full barrels can be heavy, immovable and almost impossible for anyone to lift alone. Some drums require several people to lift. Not only does this cost time, it can cause serious injuries. This is why Lifts All developed customised grippers for drum handling. With our gripper, you only need one person to lift a full barrel (and they don’t have to be strong either!), making the job quicker, more efficient, and safe. We produce grippers to lift metal, paper and plastic drums of different of sizes and weights. We can also customise the gripper to pick up and rotate, tilt and/or turn the load to different angles. So, for example, if you need to empty a barrel of bulk products or sensitive goods such as food or chemicals, we can customise the gripper to tilt or rotate and stop at certain angles to facilitate you in pouring out the substance.

Here is selection of grippers for drum handling: