Baggage lifting tools

Ergonomic and quick baggage lifting tools

Lifts All provides airports with quick, ergonomic and energy efficient baggage lifting tools. We offer tailor-made handling systems for loading and unloading of containers and also a vacuum lift that handles all kinds of baggage to and from open trolleys. Depending on the size and layout of your baggage handling area we offer overhead crane systems or our jib crane FlexiCrane to integrate with the lifts. We provide you with a complete bagagge handling solution and also offer training and service after installation to make sure your baggage system works perfectly. With our baggage lifts you reduce work related injuries and wear and tear complications that are common when lifting manually. You create a more sustainable working situation with fewer sore backs and less sick leave. Please see below for more information about our baggage lifting tools.

Vacuum lift with hook – Basic

Our vacuum lift Basic is a smooth vacuum lift with a hook that can be used for lifting baggage ...

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Electric Container Loading System (e-CLS)

The “e” in e-CLS is for ‘electric’ as this container loading system is powered by ...

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e-CLS Launcher

The e-CLS Launcher is an electric container loading system with a trick up its sleeve. Just ...

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Electric Container Unloading System (e-CUS)

The e-CUS is Lifts All’s Electric Container Unloading System. It is used at airports to ...

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SPEED-Loader for Container Loading

The SPEED-Loader is a light, electrically driven lifting aid with excellent, intuitive ...

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Articulated jib crane FlexiCrane

The FlexiCrane – popular in bagage screening areas – is exceptionally flexible in ...

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Overhead crane system

Our overhead crane system is made by light aluminum and is very smooth and quiet. That is a ...

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