Overhead crane system

Crane system for loads up to 600 kg

Our overhead crane system is made by light aluminum and is very smooth and quiet. That is a requirement for an ergonomic working environment where you frequently lift things. In comparison to other similar light rail system, the operator only needs to use one third of the force to lift and move an object with our system.

Flexible installation solutions for overhead crane system

The rail system can be installed in many different ways depending on the layout of the airport. You can install it in the ceiling, on the wall or on an existing pillar. We also produce our own tailor made devices if the roof is too high or if there are other circumstances in the environment that affects the installation of the lifting system. Lifts All has over 20 years of experience in tailor-made lifting aids, which gives us to the confidence to say we can find a solution for your airport!


An overhead crane system with our Container Loading System

traverssystem golvmonterat

Floor mounted crane system

traverssystem golvmonterat spar golvyta

Floor mounted rail system that saves floor space

traverssystem takmonterat

Ceiling mounted rail system with the baggage lift Basic