MaxiCrane Mini: 100 kg, 3 m

Articulated jib crane for loads up to 100 kg – MaxiCrane Mini

General Data

Maximum capacity: 100 kg/ 220 lbs

Reach: 3 meters/ 9'10″

Hight of pillar: Customizable

Rotation inner arm: 270 degrees

Rotation outer arm: 360 degrees (not endlessly rotating)

Colour: Red (RAL 3020)

Sold seperately: pillar, Bal-Trol and gripper

Brochure: Lifting with MaxiCrane (pdf).

The MaxiCrane Mini is has the same lifting capacity of a MaxiCrane, which is 100 kg, but a shorter arm (3 m). It is most suitable for working areas that have low ceilings and where a normal size crane will not fit.

Silent and swift lifting arm

Its low weight combined with the low-friction bearings in the joints make the MaxiCrane Mini a very quiet and easy-to-work with machine. As with all Lifts All cranes, the MaxiCrane Mini’s nifty size and weight means that it can be installed very quickly – saving both time and money – and can be easily installed at any height, securely attached to a steel pillar.

Low-built jib crane that can be complemented with a gripper

The clever design of the crane’s outer arm, with a built-in Bal-Trol, makes this crane a low-built jib crane. It is very practical for the tightest of work places and offers the operator maximum lifting height. Thinking about adding a hook to the crane to lift containers or tins, or adding a vacuum gripper for carton boxes, or a mechanical gripper to lift and turn rolls? Our grippers are tailor-made to optimise your material handling. The couplings of our grippers are usually the same so switching from one gripper takes no time at all and can easily be done by the operator. It’s that simple!