Z-Gripper multipurpose combi-gripper 92-10034

Z-Gripper for solid materials

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General Data

Maximum capacity: 60 kg/ 132 kg

Controls: Balancing

Weight: 5,3 kg/ 117 lbs

Media: 6-7 bar/ 90-100 psi

Article no: 92-10034

Z-Gripper is our multipurpose combi-gripper

Our Z-Gripper is a multipurpose combi-gripper for lifting drums, buckets, boxes, and pallets up to 60 kg. It can also be used to lift other products made of materials with solid, smooth surfaces. For example, it’s often used to lift metal, glass or plastic. The new updated version of the Z-Gripper has a quick connection point that makes it easy to attach either vacuum applications or hooks to it, depending on what you want to lift. You can for example lift drums with vacuum cup applications or buckets with hook applications. This makes the Z-Gripper ideal for workplaces that lifts several different products.

Compact and easy to operate

The Z-Gripper is a small and handy machine, which makes it suitable for narrow spaces. It has been ergonomically developed to resemble manual handling without the heavy weight. This means that the lifting tool makes the load feel weightless, which allows the operator to steer and control it directly with his or her hands. Handling drums or other heavy loads becomes quick and easy, and highly precise. The operator avoids heavy lifting and can be confident that the lifting aid will carry the weight of the load.