Lifting Tool for Appliances 89-12396

Lifting Tool for Appliances 89-12396

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General Data

Maximum capacity: 85 kg/ 187 lbs

Controls: proportional speed control (PSH)

Weight: 29 kg/ 64 lbs

Media: 6-7 bar/ 90-100 psi

Article no: 89-12396

Serial no: A7282

Does your company manufacture refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, or dryers? These products are often heavy and complicated to handle. Lifts All’s lifting tool for appliances makes the job easy! With a lifting tool the appliances feel weightless, and packing pallets becomes quick and effortless. You won’t even need assistance from a colleague.

Advantages of an appliance gripper

Using a lifting tool often makes a significant difference in the logistical processes in appliance factories. Some of the biggest advantages include:

Increased safety

The lifting tool takes the weight off the load, providing the operator with a more comfortable and less strenuous work posture. In the long run, it contributes towards a healthier and happier workforce with fewer strain injuries.

A gentler grip

The lifting aid uses gentle but strong vacuum suction cups. These cups grip the load securely, but without causing any damage, allowing the load to be lifted steadily and safely to the right place. The operator doesn’t exert physical force to grip the load, so the risk of damage is reduced.

Efficient lifting

Loading appliances is time-consuming, heavy work. Operators using lifting aids are more efficient as they can load and unload much faster than those lifting manually. They are also able to work independently and are not physically exhausted after a shift.

Efficiency is also achieved through the flexibility gained from using a lifting aid. Lifting heavy appliances can now be performed by any member of staff, regardless of their physical strength.

How the lifting tool for appliances works:

The gripper is very easy to use. The controls consist of two buttons – to grip and release the load – and the Pro Speed-Handle levers – to raise and lower it. The gripper has an extended handle, making it easy to move the load high up and further away without stretching. Learning to use an appliance lifting tool is simple. It is quickly put into use and makes a significant improvement on efficiency, safety, and ergonomics in the workplace.