Solar panels

Lifting solar panels - Lifting tools for solar panels

Factories that manufacture solar cells, solar panels, or solar modules often face several handling challenges that can be addressed with the help of a lifting aid. For example, solar cells are heavy, large, and difficult to carry, yet they are also sensitive to shocks and impacts. Lifts All’s solar cell lifting tools lift the load both weightlessly and gently. This reduces the risk of damage that can be caused by manual handling while allowing the operator to lift ergonomically.

Lifting Solar Cells in the Production Process

The lifters can be used at various points in the production process, including during assembly, packaging, or when the finished package needs to be loaded onto a pallet. We customize the lift according to your specific solar cell and the stage of manufacturing in which it will be used. Lifting solar cells should be easy at every step of the production process.

Using a Gripper for Solar Cells

Lifts All’s solar cell lifting tools can be equipped with a variety of features. In their standard configuration, they lift the load weightlessly, but they can also be fitted with tilt and rotation capabilities. With tilt, you can easily flip the load, and with rotation, you can turn it partially or a full 360 degrees. These features are particularly helpful during tasks such as packaging or when a solar cell needs to be turned from a horizontal to a vertical position, for example, in a rack.