Vacuum Grippers for Seamless Material Handling Showcased at Modex

Vacuum Grippers for Seamless Material Handling Showcased at Modex

Lifts All Inc is gearing up for the upcoming Modex Trade Show, to showcase its innovative technical solutions for material handling. Welcoming new prospects and existing customers, Lifts All is proud to present the ‘Basic’ vacuum gripper and the ‘Low-Built Sack Gripper’.


At the Modex Trade Show, there will be an opportunity to discuss different material handling challenges as well as trying out some of Lifts All´s most popular lifting solutions:

Basic: A Vacuum Gripper Revolutionizing Simplicity and Versatility

Lifts All’s Basic vacuum gripper takes center stage with its intuitive design and high-performance capabilities. This gripper promises to be the go-to solution by offering a wide array of applications. From lifting lightweight items to heavier loads, the Basic ensures a secure grip, enabling heightened operational efficiency and ease of use.

Low-Built Sack Gripper: Smooth and Efficient Sack Handling

For industries where products are packaged in sacks and bags, Lifts All introduces the Low-Built Sack Gripper, a solution designed for precision in material handling. With a low-profile design that seamlessly lifts bags into the narrowest of spaces, this vacuum gripper ensures a gentle yet secure grip on sacks of varying sizes and weights. With this innovation, businesses can experience a sizeable decrease in risk of damage and a further optimization of workflow.

Drop by to personally test these lifting tools yourself, and experience firsthand how these grippers elevate the material handling process, from mundane and heavy to light and easy. Whether you’re exploring new possibilities or looking to enhance your current operations, Lifts All always delivers solutions that redefine efficiency, safety, and reliability in material handling.

Lifts All will be demonstrating these products at Booth A12109, Building ABC, Level 1, Modex 2024.

Visit Lifts All at Modex 2024

Date 11-13 MARCH
Place Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, USA
Booth A12109, Building ABC, Level 1

Lifts All is a leading provider of customized lifting solutions for warehouses, industries, and airports. The company boasts a diverse portfolio of lifting tools designed for various objects, such as cardboard boxes, sacks, beer kegs, and containers, among others. These tools are engineered to streamline work processes and improve working environments. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and quality, Lifts All has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses across a wide range of industries for the past 30 years.

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