3 April, 2020

3D-printing visor frames for the medical community

The medical communities are in urgent need of protective equipment for their hard-working staff who stand at the frontline against the new Coronavirus, Covid-19. Among the things they need are protective visors. In a small contribution towards this enormous challenge, Lifts All is using its 3D printer to make visor frames. The frames are ...

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27 March, 2020

Covid-19 information

Last updated 2020-03-27 Dear Customers, As we all know by now the Covid-19 virus has spread affecting us all, both individuals and companies. Lifts All has therefore taken some security measures to prevent spreading the disease and secure the health and wellbeing of our customers and employees. We are following the directions of the Swedish ...

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28 February, 2020

Test results: Container loader makes good ’ergonomic’ sense

An expert in occupational ergonomics has carried out a study on Lifts All’s Container Loading System (CLS). The test compared the effects of manual lifting versus using the CLS. The results showed that using the CLS completely eliminated disc compressions – a common cause of severe back injuries. At airports all around the world, the […]

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20 January, 2020

Lifts All expands in Asia

Lifts All has further extended its global reach by entering a collaboration with new distributors in Asia. The Japanese company Green Plus has produced and sold heavy load handling equipment on the Asian market since almost 30 years. When customers started to request a more eco-friendly lifting system, the interest grew in working with a […]

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30 September, 2019

Lifts All wins order from Systemair

Leading ventilation company Systemair has chosen Lifts All as their supplier of lifting tools for steel parts. With subsidiaries in 50 countries and sales of SEK 8.3 billion, Systemair is the world’s largest manufacturer within the ventilation industry. The company has invested in five complete lifting systems from Lifts All, including the ...

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5 February, 2019

Avinor väljer Lifts Alls ergonomiska bagagelyftar

Norska Avinor har valt Lifts All Airport Handling Solutions genom en öppen upphandling av väsklyftar. Tack vare ramavtalet kan Avinors 45 flygplatser avropa Basic, den ergonomiska vakuumlyften, de kommande två åren. – Norska flygplatser är bra förebilder för resten av världen eftersom de visar hur viktigt det är med ergonomi och bra ...

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12 December, 2018

Ergonomiska lyfthjälpmedel – nu i Skåne!

Lifts All finns nu representerade med ett försäljningskontor på Brovägen 34B i Höganäs. – Tack vare detta kommer vi ännu närmare våra kunder i södra Sverige, där vi ser en ökande marknad för oss, säger Mikael Almgren försäljningschef för Sverige. Skånekontoret kommer även utökas med en servicetekniker. Är du rätt person ...

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7 September, 2018

Bagagelyftar till Münchens flygplats

Sedan april 2018 har 30 bagagelyftar – Container Loading System (CLS) och Container Unloading System (CUS) – implementerats i bagagehanteringssystemet på terminal 1 på Münchens flygplats. Lyftutrustningen underlättar lastning och avlastning av bagage till och från containrar. Lifts All Airport Handling Solutions i Stockholm är ...

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